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Monday, September 24, 2012
As NASCAR goes, so goes America?

Two years ago, I wrote about a poll showing the general politcal breakdown of sports fans. It found that sports fans overall leaned Republican, with NASCAR fans among the strongest Republican supporters (along with fans of golf and college football). Zogby just published a poll showing Obama with a lead among self-identified NASCAR fans (admittedly small sample size of only about 200 out of an overall sample of 800).


With the election behind us, it seems that this post was right on point. As both a NASCAR fan and a Republican (who can only speak for myself), I can say that there are two types of people who annoy more than most others: liars and wimps. Given the bluntness of our beloved drivers and the "boys have at it" attitude of the sport, it can't be all that surprising that NASCAR fans were less than thrilled with Romney .

Anonymous Holley H. -- 11/30/2012 1:45 PM  

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