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Monday, September 17, 2012
ASU Sports Law Symposium

The Sports & Entertainment Law Student Association at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law is hosting its 3rd Annual Conference on Sports and Entertainment Law on Saturday October 27, 2012 on the Arizona State University campus in Tempe, Arizona. Complete conference details can be found at this link. Here are the scheduled speakers:

Panel Session I: Amateurism Moderator: Chuck Schmidt
Panelists: Stephen Webb, Tim Epstein, Darren Heitner, Mark Mignella and Marc Isenberg

Panel Session II: CBA Moderator: Caleb Jay
Panelists: Tim Epstein, Gregg Clifton and Travis Leach

Panel Session III: Concussions & Sports Litigation Moderator: Jason Belzer
Panelists: Travis Leach, Paul Anderson, David Dodick and Scott Peters

Keynote Address: Jared Bartie
Honored Guest Speaker: Jerry Colangelo

Panel Session IV: Entertainment & Right of Publicity Moderator: Caleb Jay
Panelists: Connie Mableson, James Marovich, Leonard Aragon and Mark Conrad

Panel Session V: Future of Gambling & Gaming Moderator: Dana Hooper
Panelists: Bill Squadron, Mark Brnovich and Marc Isenberg

Ethics Presentation: Steven Adelman

Panel Session VI: Business of Sports & Entertainment Moderator: Jason Belzer
Panelists: Woodie Dixon Jr., Jeffrey Benz, Don Gibson and Deborah Spander

Town Hall: Current Issues in Sports Law Moderator: Sam Renaut
Panelists: Lester Munson, Tim Epstein and Darren Heitner


Outfielders dive because they don't have the ball yet and may be the only way they can get their glove into the right position. Comparing outfielders diving for balls with players diving intom1st just seems silly, IMO. That said, I have no idea whose right.

Based on my experience as a fan watching replay used in the NFL and NHL, I have no expectation that replay used by MLB will either be timely or more accurate. A booth official or central site like in the NHL might be better time wise but their calls have been less than stellar IMO.

Of course my opinions are simple anecdotes but the big concern I have is the time. Baseball games are already long enough. While it's important to get the calls right, you don't want your viewers falling asleep in the 5th inning.

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