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Thursday, March 27, 2014
TTU Law Prof Reelected President of Faculty Athletic Reps Association

Certainly must be an interesting time to have a leadership role in college athletics.

Texas Tech's Brian Shannon, the Thornton Professor at the School of Law, has been reelected President of the D-IA Faculty Athletics Representatives Association.

The FAR is a required position under NCAA rules held by a faculty member at Association schools.  Georgia's David Shipley has this paper on the role of a law professor filling the FAR job.

Professors Shannon and Shipley are among a number of law profs who currently serve or have previously served as NCAA FARs. Among others on that list are my former colleague Jim Klein (Charleston), Patricia Bellia (Notre Dame), Jim O'Fallon (Oregon), Clare Pastore (USC), Eleanor Myers (Temple), Gary Neustadter (Santa Clara), Milt Shroeder (ASU), Ronald Rychlak (Mississippi), and I'm sure several others.


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