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Thursday, April 10, 2014
Breaking Down The Oscar Pistorius Trial on the Nancy Grace show

I was a guest last night on Nancy Grace's show on Headline News (HLN) to talk about the Oscar Pistorius trial, and specifically about whether it was wise for prosecutors to show an old video of Oscar Pistorius shooting a watermelon and then joking about how it was like shooting a zombie's brain.

Nancy thought it was a good idea because the video shows Pistorius to be insensitive and callous, unlike how he has seemed during his trial.

I disagreed, especially since a judge and not a jury will be deciding his fate, and a judge is less likely to be moved by inflammatory videos. To me, the video seems irrelevant as to whether Pistorius intentionally killed his girlfriend and may prove to be a distraction from the real evidence. I also think the video may be perceived as insensitive, since it was raised in the context of Pistorius shooting his girlfriend's brain.

You can decide.  Here's the video:


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