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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Weighing in on the potential for criminal charges against Tony Stewart. Thanks to Corey Yung of Kansas University School of Law, whom I first spotted through the link to the Concurring Opinion blog, for helping out with this story.

Based on the reaction to my story on Twitter, this case is as polarizing as they come. Stewart has a reputation as a hothead, leading many fans to conclude that he was -- at the very least -- trying to teach Ward a lesson by swerving/accelerating/spinning his wheels in his general direction. Many others feel that because Ward was out in the middle of traffic, Stewart should be in the clear.

It's not known yet what Stewart told investigators. If he didn't see Ward, it's hard to argue for any criminal charges (here's the view from inside a sprint car). The Ontario County sheriff says the investigation will continue, perhaps for weeks. Interested in anyone's thoughts on whether this is a good or bad sign for Stewart.


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