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Monday, September 22, 2014
New Sports Law Scholarship

Recently published scholarship includes: 
Jennifer M. Adams, Comment, Flag on the play: professional sports teams calling trademark infringement on their superfans, 20 JEFFREY S. MOORAD SPORTS LAW JOURNAL 631 (2013) 
Jeremy R. Abrams, Comment, Making the right call:  why fairness requires independent appeals in U.S. professional sports leagues, 97 MARQUETTE LAW REVIEW 469 (2013)  
Jack Anderson, The right to a fair fight: sporting lessons on consensual harm, 17 NEW CRIMINAL LAW REVIEW 55-75 (2014) 
Erin P. Andrews, Note, Avoiding the technical knockout: tackling the inadequacies of youth concussion legislation, 58 NEW YORK LAW SCHOOL LAW REVIEW 417 (2013/2014)
Francis X. Baker, Comment, “Half mental”: resolving the risks posed by dual competencies in applied sport psychology, 21 JEFFREY S. MOORAD SPORTS LAW JOURNAL 185 (2014) 
Daniel Berger, Constitutional combat: is fighting a form of free speech? The Ultimate Fighting Championship and its struggle against the state of New York over the message of mixed martial arts, 20 JEFFREY S. MOORAD SPORTS LAW JOURNAL 381(2013) 

Daniel Bernard, Note, The NFL’s stance on gambling: a calculated contradiction, 4 UNLV GAMING LAW JOURNAL 273 (2013) 
Babette Boliek, Antitrust, regulation, and the “new” rules of sports telecasts, 65 HASTINGS LAW JOURNAL 501 (2014) 
Benjamin S. Bolas, Comment, Who is going to pay the Bills: an examination of the financing and lease options available to the Buffalo Bills and Ralph Wilson Stadium, 20 JEFFREY S. MOORAD SPORTS LAW JOURNAL 663 (2013) 
Justin B. Bryant, Note, Analyzing the scope of Major League Baseball’s antitrust exemption, 89 NOTRE DAME LAW REVIEW 1841 (2014) 
Angela Casey Brosnan, Casenote, Remember the Titan: Matthews v. NFL leaves the playing field wide open for future compensation claimants, 21 JEFFREY S. MOORAD SPORTS LAW JOURNAL 91 (2014) 
Caitlin D. Buckstaff, Note, Covering the spread: an assessment of amateurism and vulnerability of student-athletes in an emerging culture of sports wagering, 16 VANDERBILT JOURNAL ENTERTAINMENT & TECHNOLOGY LAW 133 (2013) 
Micah Bucy, Comment, The costs of the pay-to-play model in high school athletics, 13 UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND LAW JOURNAL RACE, RELIGION, GENDER & CLASS 278 (2013) 
Sam Ivo Burum, Comment, Yes, NBA players should make more money: how the NLRB can change the future of collective bargaining agreements in professional sports, 63 AMERICAN UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 845 (2014) 
Matthew R. Cali, Comment, The NCAA’s transfer of power: an analysis of future implications the proposed NCAA transfer rules will have on the landscape of college sports, 21 JEFFREY S. MOORAD SPORTS LAW JOURNAL 217 (2014) 
Thomas Wyatt Cox, Note, The international war against doping: limiting the collateral damage from strict liability, 47 VANDERBILT JOURNAL OF TRANSNATIONAL 295 (2014) 
Nigel G. Crocombe, Note, Building a new future: the 2022 FIFA World Cup as a potential catalyst for labor reform in Qatar, 37 SUFFOLK TRANSNATIONAL LAW REVIEW 33 (2014) 
Christopher R. Deubert, et al., National Football League general managers: an analysis of the responsibilities, qualifications, and characteristics, 20 JEFFREY S. MOORAD SPORTS LAW JOURNAL 427 (2013) 
Vincent J. DiForte, Note, Prevent defense: will the return of the multiyear scholarship only prevent the NCAA’s success in antitrust litigation?, 79 BROOKLYN LAW REVIEW 1333 (2014) 
Brian A. Dziewa, Comment, USADA the unconquerable: the one-side nature of the United States Anti-Doping Administration’s arbitration process, 58 ST. LOUIS UNIVERSITY LAW JOURNAL 875 (2014) 
Marc Edelman, A short treatise on amateurism and antitrust law: why the NCAA’s no-pay rules violate section 1 of the Sherman Act, 64 CASE WESTERN RESERVE LAW REVIEW 61(2013) 
Adam Epstein, Missouri sports law, 20 JEFFREY S. MOORAD SPORTS LAW JOURNAL 495 (2013) 
Gabe Feldman, A modest proposal for taming the antitrust beast, 41 PEPPERDINE LAWREVIEW 249 (2014) 
Brian R. Gallini, Bringing down a legend: how an “independent” grand jury ended Joe Paterno’scareer, 80 TENNESSEE LAW REVIEW 705 (2013) 
Bryan Gottlieb, Comment, Avoiding contractual liability to baseball players who have used performance enhancing drugs: can we knock it out of the park?, 77 ALBANY LAW REVIEW 615 (2013-2014) 
William B. Gould,IV, Bargaining, race, and globalization: how baseball and other sports mirror collective bargaining, law, and life, 48 U.S.F. LAW REVIEW 1 (2013) 
Thomas J. Grant, Jr., Comment, Green monsters: examining the environmental impact of sports stadiums, 25 VILLANOVA ENVIRONMENTAL LAW JOURNAL 149 (2014) 
Edward H. Grimmett, Comment, NCAA amateurism and athletics: a perfect marriage or a dysfunctional relationship? — An antitrust approach to student-athlete compensation, 30 TOURO LAW REVIEW 823 (2014) 
Randy Haight, Alleging an anticompetitive impact on a discernible market: changing the antitrust landscape for collegiate athletes, 21 JEFFREY S. MOORAD SPORTS LAWJOURNAL 19 (2014) 
Martin Hardie, Making visible the invisible act of doping, 27 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR SEMIOTICS LAW 85-119 (2014) 
M.Mark Heekin and Bruce W. Burton, When is minority not minority: NCAA ignores two centuries of Anglo-American contract law respecting legal status, 21 JEFFREY S. MOORAD SPORTS LAW JOURNAL 39 (2014) 
Nathan M. Hennagin, Note, Blackout or blackmail? How Garber v. MLB will shed light on Major League Baseball’s broadcasting cartel, 8 BROOKLYN JOURNAL CORPORATE, FINANCIAL & COMPARATIVE LAW 158 (2013)  
Aaron Hernandez, Note, All quiet on the digital front: the NCAA’s wide discretion in regulating social media, 15 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS LAW 53 (2013) 
Josh Hunsucker, Comment, Buckle your chinstrap: why youth, high school, and college football should adopt the NFL’s concussion management policies and procedures, 45 MCGEORGE LAW REVIEW 801 (2014) 
Kevin Kehrli, Note, The unspecified specificity of sport: a proposed solution to the European Court of Justice’s treatment of the specificity of sport, 39 BROOKLYN JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL LAW 403 (2014) 
Timothy L. Kianka, Casenote, Atwater v. NELPA: casting doubt on the effect of exculpatory language in collective bargaining agreements, 21 JEFFREY S. MOORAD SPORTS LAW JOURNAL 125 (2014) 
Jonathan H. Koh, Note, Performance-enhancing drugs in boxing: preventing the sweet science from becoming chemical warfare, 87 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA LAW REVIEW 335 (2014) 
Lia M. Krautmanis, Filling the gap: a call for legislative action and community mobilization to implement physical education requirements in colleges and universities, 15 SCHOLAR 797 (2013)  
Konrad R. Krebs, Casenote, ESPN v. Ohio State: the Ohio Supreme Court uses FERPA to play defense for offensive athletic  programs, 20 JEFFREY S. MOORAD SPORTS LAW JOURNAL 573 (2013) 
Daniel E. Lazaroff, An antitrust exemption for the NCAA: sound policy or letting the fox loose in the henhouse?, 41 PEPPERDINE LAW REVIEW 229 (2014) 
Samantha Levin, Comment, Tweet tweet: a First Amendment wake up call regarding social media in the sports arena, 30 JOHN MARSHALL JOURNAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & PRIVACY LAW 117 (2013) 
Sara M. Lewis, Comment, Man, machine, or mutant: when will athletes abandon the human body?, 20 JEFFREY S. MOORAD SPORTS LAW JOURNAL 717 (2013) 
Jacqueline R. Liguori, Casenote, Sticking the landing: How the Second Circuit’s decision in Biediger v. Quinnipiac Univ. can help competitive cheerleading achieve “sport” status under Title IX, 21 JEFFREY S. MOORAD SPORTS LAW JOURNAL 153 (2014) 
John Loughney, Note, Major League Baseball and the green revolution: a market-based approach to maintaining competitive balance in the face of environmental regulations, 38 WILLIAM AND MARY ENVIRONMENTAL LAW AND POLICY 709 (2014) 
Abigail M. Mabry, Note, Title IX: proportionality and walk-ons, 44 UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS LAW REVIEW 497 (2013) 
Christopher Marquis, Note, An equal playing field: the potential conflict between Title IX & the Massachusetts Equal Rights Amendment, 34 B.C. JOURNAL OF LAW & SOCIAL JUSTICE 77 (2014) 
          Michael McCann, Do You Believe He Can Fly?, Reasonable Accommodations Under the
          Americans with Disabilities Act for NBA Players with Anxiety Disorder,  41 PEPPERDINE 
          LAW REVIEW 397 (2014)

          Kiersten McKoy, Comment,  Biediger v. Quinnipiac University, 58 NEW YORK LAW 
          SCHOOL LAW REVIEW 457 (2013/2014) 
Christopher Miner, Comment, Fantasy sports and the right of publicity are under further review, 30 TOURO LAW REVIEW 789-821 (2014) 
Matthew J. Mitten, The Penn State “consent decree”: the NCAA’s coercive meansdon’t justify its laudable ends, but is there a legal remedy?, 41 PEPPERDINE LAW REVIEW 321 (2014) 
Steven Olenick et al., Finding a solution: getting professional basketball players paid overseas, 15 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS LAW 1 (2013) 
Theodore J. Patton, Going for it on fourth and long: gambling public funds on a new Vikings stadium, 7 U. ST. THOMAS JOURNAL OF LAW & PUBLIC POLICY 240 (2013) 
Matthew T. Poorman, Note, Get with the Times: why defamation law must be reformed in order to protect athletes and celebrities from media attacks, 15 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS LAW 67 (2013) 
Nick Rammell, Comment, Title IX and the dear colleague letter: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, 2014 BYU EDUCATION & LAW JOURNAL 135   
Cailyn M. Reilly, Where is concussion litigation headed? The impact of Riddell, Inc. v. Schutt Sports, Inc. on brain injury law, 20 JEFFREY S. MOORAD SPORTS LAW JOURNAL 517 (2013) 
Robert J. Romano, Analyzing the United States--Japanese Player Contract Agreement: is this agreement in the best interest of Major League Baseball players and if not, should the MLB Players Association challenge the legality of the Agreement as a violation of federal law?, 15 TEXAS REVIEW OF ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS LAW 19 (2013) 
Stephen F. Ross et al., Judicial review of NCAA eligibility decisions: evaluation of the Restitution Rule and a call for arbitration, 40 JOURNAL OF COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY LAW 79 (2014) 
M. Alexander Russell, Note, Leveling the playing field: identifying a quasi-fiduciary relationship between coaches and student-athletes, 43 JOURNAL OF LAW AND EDUCATION 289 (2014) 
Christopher W. Schmidt, Explaining the baseball revolution, 45 ARIZONA STATE LAW JOURNAL 1471 (2013)  
Rachel Schwarz, Note, Timeout! Getting back to what Title IX intended and encouraging courts and the Office of Civil Rights to re-evaluate the three-prong compliance test, 20 WASHINGTON AND LEE JOURNAL OF CIVIL RIGHTS & SOCIAL JUSTICE 633 (2014) 
Ladan Shelechi, “Say uncle”: New York’s chokehold over live performance of mixed martial arts:whether combat sports are protectable speech and how much regulation is appropriate for inherently dangerous sports, 33 LOYOLA L.A. ENTERTAINMENT LAW REVIEW205 (2013) 
Sean Sheridan, Comment, Bite the hand that feeds: holding athletics boosters accountable for violations of NCAA bylaws, 41 CAPITAL UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 1065 (2013) 
Kyle D. Simcox, Comment, Selling your soul at the crossroads: the need for a harmonized standard limiting the publicity rights of professional athletes, 63 DEPAUL LAW REVIEW 87 (2013) 
Jennifer Simile, Intentional grounding: field quality in the NFL and the legal ramifications for choice of playing surfaces, 47 JOHN MARSHALL LAW REVIEW 115 (2013) 
Evan Simonsen, Note, Against the spread: the legality of full-service sports wagering kiosks, 4 UNLV GAMING LAW JOURNAL 241 (2013) 
Scott Skinner-Thompson and Ilona M. Turner, Title IX’s protections for transgender student athletes,28 WISCONSIN JOURNAL OF LAW GENDER & SOCIETY 271 (2013) 
Rodney K. Smith, Head injuries, student welfare, and saving college football: a game plan for the NCAA, 41 PEPPERDINE LAW REVIEW 267 (2014) 
Sam B. Smith, Note, Show me the mediation!: introducing mediation prior to salary arbitration in Major League Baseball, 42 HOFSTRA LAW REVIEW 1007 (2014) 
Jeffrey Standen, Foot faults in crunch time: temporal variance in sports law and antitrust regulation, 41 PEPPERDINE LAW REVIEW 349 (2014) 
Seth William Stern, Casenote, The IRS’s double-bogey: Goosen v. Commissioner remains a fairway to characterize endorsement income for nonresident alien athletes in Garcia v. Commissioner, 20 JEFFREY S. MOORAD SPORTS LAW JOURNAL 605 (2013) 
Matthew Tymann, Note, Locked out without a key: how the Eighth Circuit wielded a pro-labor statute as a sword against labor, 99 CORNELL LAW REVIEW 953 (2014)  
Justin C. Vine, Note, Leveling the playing field:  student athletes are employees of their university, 12 CARDOZO PUBLIC LAW POLICY & ETHICS JOURNAL 235 (2013)  
Matthew R. Watson, The dark heart of Eastern Europe: applying the British model to football-related violence and racism, 27 EMORY INTERNATIONAL LAW REVIEW 1055 (2013) 
Wolfgang S. Weber, Comment, Preserving baseball’s integrity through proper drug testing: time for the Major League Baseball Players Association to let go of its collective bargaining reins, 85 UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO LAW REVIEW 267 (2014) 
Ashleigh Weinbrecht, Note, The connection between concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in professional athletics:  a necessary change in the "sports culture" in light of legal barriers, 14 JOURNAL OF LAW AND SOCIETY 309 (2013) 
Maureen A. Weston,  Symposium introduction:The New Normal in College Sports: Realigned and Reckoning, 41 PEPPERDINE LAW REVIEW 209 (2014) 
Adam G. Yoffie, There’s a new sheriff in town: Commissioner-Elect Adam Silver & the pressing legal challenges facing the NBA through the prism of contraction, 21 JEFFREY S. MOORAD SPORTS LAW JOURNAL 59 (2014)


FYI -- Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal just added Vol. 21, Issue 2, to the digital repository. Articles published include concussion settlements and antitrust claims against MLB.

For a full list, see:

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