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Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Request: Myths of Baseball Rules

At SEALS earlier this week, I was part of a very successful discussion group titled Baseball and Law, Law and Baseball, which explored a variety of links between baseball and law. My very small piece was a request for ideas on a future work, which I now make to all of you.

I have an idea for a future paper for which I already have a title-- "Tie Goes to the Runner" and Other Myths of Baseball Rules. The paper will explore a bunch of rules that everyone assumes are one thing and often are captured in common, pithy cliches, when in fact they are entirely different, if not the precise opposite. For example, the one from the title--as kids we always said "tie goes to the runner" to make a runner safe when the play is too close to call; in fact, the runner is out unless he beats the throw.

So far, I have five myths: 1) Tie goes to the runner; 2) Infield Fly Rule only applies to balls on the infield and should not be called on balls in the outfield grass; 3) "One base on an overthrow"; 4) Hand is part of the bat (so getting hit on hand when hand on bat is a foul ball); 5) Can't run out of the baseline.

I welcome other suggestions.


Maybe add some commentary on "unwritten rules", like it's almost OK for anyone to steal signs except the batter, and don't get caught:

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