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Tuesday, August 18, 2015
The NLRB Decision & The Sports Law Blog

In March 2014, the NLRB's regional office in Chicago decided that Northwestern football players should be defined as employees, and thus have a right to unionize. In a surprise announcement, 510 days later, the NLRB declined to exercise jurisdiction in a case, thereby vacating the earlier decision. The end result is that Northwestern football players are not defined as employees under federal labor law, and therefore unable to unionize.

When the NLRB punts, the contributors to the Sports Law Blog are there to comment on the case. In addition to the posts we've already written on the Sports Log Blog itself, here's a quick round-up of articles and quotes from our contributors from yesterday's news:

Sports Illustrated, "Breaking Down Implications of NLRB Ruling on Northwestern Players Union" by Michael McCann.

Associated Press, "Is the Effort to Unionize College Athletes Dead?" by Jimmy Golen. With quotes from Gabe Feldman & Warren Zola.

Forbes, "NLRB Rejects Northwestern Football Players' Bid to Unionize; Makes Antitrust Lawsuits More Important" by Marc Edelman.

NPR, AirTalk, "NLRB Denies College Athletes Right to Unionize" Quotes from Warren Zola.

Chronicle of Higher Education, "NLRB's Northwestern Ruling Sets a High Bar for Approving Student-Athlete Unions," Quotes from Warren Zola.

Bloomberg Business, "College Sports Gets Open Door for More Unionizing in the Future," Quotes from Warren Zola.


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