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Thursday, November 09, 2017
The Oxford Handbook of American Sports Law

As many professors who teach sports law are in the process of deciding which textbook to use in the spring of 2018, the Sports Law Blog wanted to provide you with yet outstanding choice. Oxford University Press will be publishing The Oxford Handbook of American Sports Law edited by our own Michael McCann this December.

The Oxford Handbook of American Sports Law takes the reader through the most important controversies and critical developments in law and sports. Over the course of 30 chapters, leading scholars, recruited by Professor McCann to contribute to this textbook, explore this expanding and captivating area of law. The Handbook is the first book to gather dozens of perspectives on sports law controversies in the United States, and will be of interest to those who study and practice sports law, as well as journalists, broadcasters, and legally minded sports fans.

Professor McCann provides the structure, introduction, and several chapters to this outstanding textbook. Not surprisingly, in addition to others, Professor McCann recruited many of the contributors to the Sports Law Blog to share their expertise by providing chapters for this textbook including: Ed Edmonds, Gabe Feldman, Jimmy Golen, Nathaniel Grow, Alan Milstein, Geoffrey Rapp, Daniel Wallach, and Warren K. Zola.

You can review the book at the Oxford University Press website here, and check out the table of contents here. We, the Sports Law Blog, hope you strongly consider adopting this textbook for your upcoming sports law courses.


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