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Sunday, September 03, 2006
Tony Allen's Trial: Contemplating Guilt

I have a guest piece on Celtics Stuff Live entitled "Tony Allen's Trial: Contemplating Guilt." It examines Celtics guard Tony Allen's upcoming trial for aggravated battery, including an analysis of the probability of guilt and, if he is found guilty, what factors might sway the judge in his sentencing. I also consider broader implications of the trial. Here's an excerpt:
Allen’s saga, like that of many professional athletes who run into trouble, invites sobering thoughts as to why many athletes run afoul of the law. Our reactions to their legal troubles might also be worth examining, especially if they tell us something about ourselves. Interestingly, social psychologists find that we tend to instinctually blame the actors closest to the crime, and we do so because it’s really easy to imagine their role in bringing about a crime. Here, if the charges are true, we can readily visualize Tony Allen ordering the shooting. Pretty basic, and blame seems easy to affix.

In that analysis, of course, we miss whether background factors, social context, and situational pressures could have influenced Allen, or helped bring him to that fateful moment, and whether responsibility extends to other actors as well. Really, what would bring a young man like Allen-who has wealth, youth, and fame- to order a shooting in a Chicago diner at 3 a.m.? Is it solely a reflection of his “bad choices,” “stupidity,” and “immaturity,” or is there something else going on as well?

I'll also be a guest on Celtics Stuff's Internet radio show tonight. The show begins at 9 PM (Eastern Standard Time), and I'll be interviewed at 10 PM. For more details, click on this link. We'll discuss Allen's trial and some other legal issues facing the NBA. Another guest will be Henry Abbott of True Hoop. It should be fun and I hope you get a chance to listen tonight or later when the show is archived. Also, thanks to Celtics Blog and Real GM's Celtics Board for promoting tonight's show.

Update (9/4/2006): the show can be heard at any time at this archived link. I come on in the middle of the show, at about the 1 hour and 5 minute mark. It was fun to be on, and I hope you get a chance to listen.


Thanks for coming on the show Michael - You were an excellent guest!

Blogger Celticsstuff Live -- 9/04/2006 1:01 AM  

Thanks Jon and Justin, I had a great time and I appreciate you having me on. I look forward to being on again sometime.

Blogger Michael McCann -- 9/04/2006 2:12 AM  

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