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Friday, March 30, 2007
Race Attributions and Georgetown University Basketball

Earlier this afternoon, Jon Hanson and I posted on The Situationist a piece entitled Race Attributions and Georgetown University Basketball. Our piece is inspired by Sean Gregory's new article in Time Magazine on the sociological role of race in how fans regard the Hoyas.

Using social psychology, Jon and I examine why so many doubted how well the Hoyas would be able to implement the "complex, precise" Princeton Offense, as directed by John Thompson III after he became coach of the Hoyas in 2004.

We connect those doubts to stereotypes about white persons playing basketball, and the larger issue of how implicit attitudes cause us, often unknowingly, to interpret another's behavior based on his or her race.

We hope you check out our post on The Situationist.


I can't imagine why anyone would think that black players can't grasp complex strategies such as the Princeton Offense. Football's probably the most intellectually challenging, or at least complicated, sport around (not too many 500-page playbooks in other sports), yet the NFL's something like 70% black.

Anonymous Peter -- 3/31/2007 2:40 PM  

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