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Monday, August 20, 2007
New sports law scholarship

New this week:
Blake J. Furman, Note, Gender equality in high school sports: why there is a contact sports exemption to Title IX, eliminating it, and a proposal for the future, 17 FORDHAM INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 1169 (2007)

Robert T. Ferguson Jr., Comment, Extreme makeover: redefining athletes’ identities in a fantasy world, 14 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 287 (2007)

Richard J. Hunter, Jr. & Paula Alexander Becker, Is it time to revisit the doctrine of “state action” in the context of intercollegiate and interscholastic sports?, 14 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 191 (2007)

Sarah McCarthy, Comment, The legal and social implications of the NCAA’s “pregnancy exception”--does the NCAA discriminate against male student-athletes?, 14 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 327 (2007)



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