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Thursday, October 11, 2007
New Sports Law Scholarship

New over the past few weeks:
Deanna DeFrancesco, Comment, Title IX, intercollegiate athletics, and sexual harassment, 15 JOURNAL OF LAW AND POLICY 1271 (2007)

Jared L. Downs, Note, Does the NFL’s pat-down policy constitute an illegal use of the hands?, 34 NORTHERN KENTUCKY LAW REVIEW 95 (2007)

Andrew Goldstone, Note, Obstruction of justice: the arbitration process for anti-doping violations during the Olympic Games, 7 CARDOZO JOURNAL OF CONFLICT RESOLUTION 361 (2006)

Ryan T. Holte, The freedom to imagine fantasy sports: applying new ideas in copyright law to professional athletes’ right of publicity, 54 JOURNAL OF THE COPYRIGHT SOCIETY OF THE U.S.A. 771 (2007)

Daniel Mead, Note, Why Major League Baseball struck out and won’t have better luck in its next trip to the plate (C.B.C v. Major League Baseball),8 MINNESTOA JOURNAL OF LAW SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 715 (2007)


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