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Friday, November 16, 2007
Web Casts from Reversing Field

As detailed on these pages previously, Reversing Field: Examining Commercialization, Labor and Race in 21st Century Sports Law was held at the West Virginia University College of Law on October 4-5, 2007. Several Sports Law Blog contributers were panelists at the event, including Joe Rosen, Mike McCann and Andre Smith.

All panels and keynote speakers were captured on webcast and are now available for viewing in full. Keynote speakers included Len Elmore (speaking about race and sports), Ken Shropshire (describing the life of Sugar Ray Robinson), Bill Gould (discussing current labor issues in professional sports) and Bernard Franklin (describing the current state of the ncaa). Each keynote speech can be viewed in its entirety by visiting this webcast or by copying this link into your browser:

In addition, each of the panel presentations was captured and all are now available on webcast. Panels included:

Panel I: Commercialization: The Buying and Selling of the College Athlete (featuring Gordon Hylton, Alfred Mathewson and Lisa Pike Masteralexis);

Panel II: Racing From the Past: Examining Racism in Collegiate Athletics (featuring Dana Brooks, Michael McCann and coach Marlon LeBlanc);

Panel III: Professional Equality: The Rooney Rule (featuring Cyrus Mehri, Jeremi Duru, Floyd Keith and Ken Shropshire);

Panel IV: Finding Equal Footing: Gender Issues in Sports (featuring Barbara Osborne, Daniel Malasky and Deborah Brake);

Panel V: False/Positives: Debating the Merits of Drug Testing (featuring David Cornwell, Timothy Davis, Dr. Julian Bailes, and Kevin Kostco);

Panel VI: Balls or Strikes: Are Economic Weapons Finding the Zone (featuring William Gould, Joseph Rosen, Dennis Walsh and Daniel Silverman); and

Panel VII: Reversing Field: Purposeful Progress (featuring Sherri Burr, Andre Smith, Anne Lofaso and andre douglas pond cummings).

all of the panels can be viewed in their entirety at this link or by copying the following into your browser:

Copies of DVDs are available by contacting the West Virginia University College of Law.


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