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Friday, December 21, 2007
More on the Knicks and Fan Speech at the Garden

Stefan Fatsis of the Wall Street Journal, who does an outstanding weekly Q&A on "All Things Considered" about the business of sport, talked Friday about the Knicks recent actions to stop Garden fans from criticizing the team, the players, the coach, and anyone else fans might want to criticize. Fatsis and I spoke at length about my work and arguments about cheering speech and he gave a nice shout-out to this blog on the segment.

Paradoxically, this could be the incident to draw public attention to the protected nature of cheering speech and what should be the real limits on teams' ability to restrict fan speech. Although there is no First Amendment issue here because of the private nature of the Garden, it is receiving more attention (because it is New York, the Knicks, and the Despised Isiah Thomas) than any of the other cheering-speech incidents that I have written about previously.