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Wednesday, October 01, 2008
New Sports Law Scholarship

Recently published scholarship includes:
Ashley J. Becnel Student article, Friday night lights reach the Supreme Court: how a case about high school football [Brentwood] changed the First Amendment, 15 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 327 (2008)

Brett Celedonia, Student article, Flying objects: arena liability for fan injuries in hockey and other sports, 15 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 115 (2008)

Kristin Jo Custer, Note, From mice to men: genetic doping in international sports, 30 HASTINGS INTERNATIONAL & COMPARATIVE LAW REVIEW 181 (2007)

Jonathan B. Goldberg, Player mobility in professional sports: from the reserve system to free agency, 15 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 21 (2008)

Hannah Gordon, Student article, The Robinson rule: models for addressing race discrimination in the hiring of NCAA head football coaches, 15 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 1 (2008)

Andrew P. Hanson, Student article, The trend toward principled negotiation in Major League Baseball collective bargaining, 15 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 221 (2008)

Tyson E. Hubbard, Student article, For the public’s use? Eminent domain in stadium construction, 15 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 173 (2008)

Jeffrey F. Levine, A golden opportunity for global acceptance? How hosting the Olympic Games impacts a nation’s economy and intellectual property rights with a focus on the right of publicity, 15 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 245 (2008)

Robert I. Lockwood, Student article, The best interests of the league: referee betting scandal brings commissioner authority and collective bargaining back to the frontcourt in the NBA, 15 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 137 (2008)

Melissa Neiman, Protecting professional boxers: federal regulations with more punch, 15 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 59 (2008)

Michael D. Tucker, Student article, Exploring the Copperweld analysis in Kentucky Speedway: single entity treatment for NASCAR and International Speedway Corporation 15 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 99 (2008)

Alexis E. Quinones, Unique industry, unique relationship, unique perspective: a quick look at some issues of Puerto Rican sports, 15 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 195 (2008)

Victoria J. Siesta, Note, Out at home: challenging the United States-Japanese Player Contract Agreement under Japanese law, 33 BROOKLYN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW 1069 (2008)

Avi Sinensky, Comment, Not that there is anything wrong with that: the practical and legal implications of a homosexual professional athlete, 10 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA JOURNAL OF BUSINESS & EMPLOYMENT LAW 1009 (2008)

David C. Weiss, Student article, How Terrell Owens, collective bargaining, and forfeiture restrictions created a moral hazard that caused the NFL crime wave and what it meant for Michael Vick, 15 SPORTS LAWYERS JOURNAL 279 (2008)


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