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Wednesday, October 15, 2008
MLS and “New” Media (and the ice cream of the future)

The Sports Business Journal has an interesting article discussing DC United’s decision to develop and maintain its own website rather than use the centralized site created by the MLS (h/t to J Hutcherson over at Why the move? Well, according to the article, one reason is the “growing impatience among MLS teams as the league continues to develop a digital strategy for the future.” Since the expiration of its agreement with MLB Advanced Media nearly two years ago, MLS “has never signed a new partnership or outlined a comprehensive digital strategy.”

A second reason? Like the New York Rangers, D.C. United feels it can do a better job than the league. The article quotes Doug Hicks, D.C. United’s vice president of communications: “We’re anxious to move forward with online opportunities…We feel the best way to brand and communicate with fans is to do it ourselves.”

A third reason? Unlike the New York Rangers—and any team in the NHL, NBA, or MLB— MLS teams can opt out of using the league’s centralized site.

Ceding the right to MLS teams to operate their own websites does not put much of a dent in MLS' claim to being a single entity. Certainly not like the dent made by the designated player rule. But, it is interesting to see the MLS decentralizing its “new” media while the NHL, MLB, and NBA are centralizing.

On a related note, when does “new media” simply become “media”? On a less related, but similar note, when do Dippin’ Dots, “the ice cream of the future,” just become “ice cream”? Dippin’ Dots were created in 1988. Are we in the “future” yet? And, how old does a song have to be before it gets played on the “oldies” station? Or, are there some songs that can never become “oldies” (I don’t envision hearing, “next on Oldies FM—Chubby Checker and a Nine Inch Nails rock block!). I wish I had answers. (Who says blogging isn’t a productive use of time??).


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Blogger Paul -- 10/16/2008 10:43 AM  

Ah, you bring up the very curious question for those of us who work in "new" media. "When does “new media” simply become “media”?" We've taken to calling it digital communications, and emerging technology, yet we still call it new media sometimes as well. I guess for people not familiar with Web 2.0, the tools are still new media.

As for Dippin' Dots, I've yet to try them, so they're still the "ice cream of the future" for some of us :)

Blogger Lovemycoupons -- 10/16/2008 10:49 AM  

"(I don’t envision hearing, “next on Oldies FM—Chubby Checker and a Nine Inch Nails rock block!)"

If you lived in NYC and/or listened to WCBS-FM, you would know that they don't play Chubby Checker much any more—think the frequency of Glenn Miller or Benny Goodman in their old format—and have decided that LedZep is acceptable now.

For music, it becomes old when the people who listen to it are mostly dead—or at least not spontaneously buying feminine hygience products and/or hemorrhoid cream because they hear an advert about it.

(Dipping dots will be old when someone starts selling frozen ice cream cones with them already attached. Unless they do already, in which case they are.)

Blogger Ken Houghton -- 10/18/2008 6:20 PM  

But, it is interesting to see the MLS decentralizing its “new” media while the NBA, MLB, and NBA are centralizing.

There are two NBA's now? What's the other one, the National Badminton Association? :P

Dippin' Dots are indeed the ice cream of the future... and always will be.

Blogger Joshua -- 10/18/2008 11:33 PM  

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