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Monday, January 12, 2009
Introducing the National Sports and Entertainment Law Society

Two of my students at Vermont Law School -- Andrew Delaney and William Rothstein -- have embarked on creating the National Sports and Entertainment Law Society. It is a national organization for sports law societies across the country.

I encourage you to check out the NSELS website and also check out Sports Agent Blog's Darren Heitner's story on the NSELS (and my thanks to Darren for his kind words):

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From the small northeastern state of Vermont, a couple of law students are determined to start an organization that will unite sports & entertainment law societies in law schools around the country. Andrew Delaney and Will Rothstein have recently created the National Sports & Entertainment Law Society. Their stated goal is to create a national network of sports and entertainment law societies. If you are a current law school student and are interested in sports and/or entertainment law, I suggest you check out the site and reach out to one of the two founders. My communication thus far has been with Mr. Delaney. I guarantee he will get back to you about any questions you may have.

Some law schools have extensive sports and entertainment programs. Marquette, Tulane, and UCLA are institutions that offer a variety of classes in both areas. Would you be surprised if I told you that University of Florida offers no sports nor entertainment law classes? Occasionally, UF offers a Sports Law Seminar, capped at fifteen students (real nice when your school has about 1,200 students all interested in the subject). Oftentimes, the only way for a law student to get involved in entertainment and/or sports law is through a sports & entertainment law society. If your law school does not have one, the National Sports & Entertainment Law Society would like to help you get one started. If one already exists, but there is a need to expand its programs and infrastructure, NSELS will lend a hand as well.

I plan to get involved in NSELS, especially after my term as President of the UF Entertainment & Sports Law Society has expired. Delaney and Rothstein have the guidance of one of the best sports law scholars in the country, Michael McCann, who will be a panelist at the UF Sports Law Symposium on January 23.

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