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Saturday, February 07, 2009
Some Weekend Links

Catching up with links:

* Tonight I have an SI column up on the legal ramifications of Alex Rodriguez's positive steroids test.

* Earlier this week, I was interviewed on the Fox News Channel and KCBS Radio to discuss different legal issues concerning Barry Bonds. Hope you can watch/listen.

* Kurt Streeter of the LA Times recently had a great story on basketball legend Sonny Vaccaro and the reasons why he opposes the NBA's age limit.

* Marc Isenberg of Money Players has been all over the different legal and economic issues concerning National Signing Day. Marc also recently publihsed a new edition of his excellent book Money Players.

* The National Sports and Entertainment Law Society has a bunch of great posts up on their blog, including a very useful recap of sports law news.

* Access Athletes Blog and Sports Agent Blog also have some excellent stuff worth checking out. Darren Heitner has a particularly interesting piece on the demise of the Continental Basketball Association. I remember when the CBA used to be a good place for NBA teams to find talent -- the Celtics, for instance, had some success in signing Kevin Gamble and Adrian Griffin, among other guys (as a Celtics fan who stuck with team during its long drought from the late 80s to a couple of years ago, I remember there quite a few Celtics with CBA stints on their resumes).


"* Tonight I have an SI column up on the legal ramifications of Alex Rodriguez's positive steroids test."

What positive steroids test? I know SI pays you, but just because the magazine fabricates a story with "unidentfied" -- i.e., non-existent -- sources shouldn't lead you to compromise your own credibility by pretending an unsubstantiated allegation is proven fact.

Anonymous Kristen -- 2/08/2009 10:17 AM  


What are your thoughts on A-rod admitting the use of PEDs? Also perhaps you did not read the McCann article, but it is a legal analysis of the situation in which A-rod has gotten himself into.

Prof. McCann,

Thanks for the NSELS mention.

Anonymous william -- 2/09/2009 6:29 PM  

Michael, thanks for the link to AccessAthletes. I enjoy reading your blog!

Blogger Matthew -- 2/10/2009 11:40 PM  

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