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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
New Sports Law Scholarship

Recently published scholarship includes:
Scott A. Anderson, A call for drug-testing of high school student-athletes, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 325 (2008)

Genevieve F. E. Birren & Jeremy C. Fransen, The body and the law: how physiological and legal obstacles combine to create barriers to accurate drug testing, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 253 (2008)

Jonathan F. Duncan & Kristina V. Giddings, Which Washington: Constitutions in conflict?, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 231 (2008)

Marc Edelman, Moving past collusion in Major League Baseball: healing old wounds, and preventing new ones, 54 WAYNE LAW REVIEW 601 (2008)

Evan Steele Fensterstock, Comment, Shin v. Ahn applies the primary assumption of risk doctrine to injuries sustained by golfers in the same group: negligence goes unpunished, 43 NEW ENGLAND LAW REVIEW 87 (2008)

Eldon L. Ham, The immaculate deception: how the Holy Grail of protectionism led to the great steroid era: why Congress should revoke baseballs antitrust boondoggle, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 209 (2008)

Daniel Healey, Fall of the Rocket: steroids and the case against Roger Clemens, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 289 (2008)

Sarah L. Horvitz, Travis Tygart & Paul A. Turbow, Dopers are not duped: USADA’s assistance to federal prosecutions ultimately protecting clean athletes is not state action, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 39 (2008)

Dionne L. Koller, From medals to morality: sportive nationalism and the problem of doping in sports, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 91 (2008)

T. Matthew Lockhart, Comment, The NCAA should adopt a uniform student-athlete discipline policy, 16 UCLA ENTERTAINMENT LAW REVIEW 119 (2009)

Robert D. Manfred, Jr., Federal labor law obstacles to achieving a completely independent drug program in Major League Baseball, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 1 (2008)

Richard H. McLauren, Corruption: its impact on fair play, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 15 (2008)

Robert Moore, The Interaction Between the Americans with Disabilities Act and Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Sports, 16 Sports Lawyers Journal 231 (2009)

Will Pridemore, Book review, Reviewing David Ezra, Asterisk: *Home Runs, Steroids, and the Rush to Judgment, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 345(2008)

Abbas Ravjani, The Court of Arbitration for Sport: a subtle form of international delegation, 2 JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT LAW 241 (2009)

David G. Roberts, Comment, The constitutionality of the NFL patdown policy after … Johnston v. Tampa Sports Auth. and Sheehan v. The San Francosco 49ers, Ltd., 58 CASE WESTERN RESERVE LAW REVIEW 979 (2008)

Shayna M. Sigman, Are we all dopes? A behavior law & economics approach to legal regulation of doping in sports, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 125 (2008)

Michael Straubel, The International Convention Against Doping in Sport: is it the missing link to USADA being a state actor and WADC coverage of U.S. pro athletes?, 19 MARQUETTE SPORTS LAW REVIEW 63 (2008)


Thanks Geoff, this feature is much appreciated.

Anonymous Anonymous -- 5/27/2009 4:06 PM  

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The Courses concerning Sports Law taught in our department are:
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