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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Franchise Relocation Fees, Antitrust, in Phoenix Bankruptcy Court

We've given little attention so far to the bankruptcy of the Phoenix Coyotes, pending in federal bankruptcy court in Phoenix. The ongoing dispute over control of the team raises some important longstanding issues relating to franchise relocation and antitrust law. In the hope that the parties will settle before he's forced to issue a decision, Judge Baum has "dropped the hammer" on lawyers from all sides. I've been quoted in several stories over the past month in the National Post (Toronto) on the case:

Judge Stuck Between a Rock, Hard Place: Coyotes Bankruptcy; Would Prefer if NHL, Balsillie worked Out a Deal

Money matters in bankruptcy court

NHL aware of legal ‘morass’: U.S. Antitrust Laws; Court filing notes ambiguous rules for sports leagues

“Confusion” over league powers could weaken NHL Coyote’s case


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