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Thursday, September 24, 2009
Use of College Players' Identities in the Sale of Jerseys

For anybody who questions whether a jersey number constitutes a sufficient indicia of identity for establishing a right of publicity cause of action, check out this snippet from the L.A. Times.


I understand the argument that athletes have a right to publicity, but the school owns the uniform and attached number. For this same reason, I don't think the videogame litigation will go anywhere.

Blogger Michael -- 9/29/2009 10:43 AM  

I'm not sure what you mean by the "school owns the uniform and attached number." Are you saying that the school has a property right in numbers? If so, what's the basis of that property right?

Or are you just saying that the school's right to produce a replica jersey and to attach any number it wants should take precedent over a player's right in his identity? If that's what you're saying, then I'm curious to know how you are justifying that position.

Blogger Rick Karcher -- 9/29/2009 4:33 PM  

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