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Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Not Another Post on Salary Arbitration - Oh, Yes - Brian Bruney

The Washington Nationals went to a hearing yesterday with Brian Bruney, the relief pitcher that they acquired from the New York Yankees in December. Bruney hopes to compete for the closer role with Matt Capps, another new acquisition for the Nationals, although the former closer for the Pirates certainly has more experience in that role.

The Nationals, a team that seems to enjoy going to hearings and may have another before the end of the week with Sean Burnett, offered Bruney $1,500,000. That figure is a modest increase over the $1,250,000 that Bruney made with the Yankees last year. Bruney is seeking $1,850,000 leaving a midpoint of $1,675,000. The panel that heard the case was Dan Brent, Sylvia Skratek, and Steven Wolf. The panel might be inclined to look at Bruney’s numbers last year, a 5-0 won-loss record and a 3.92 ERA in his role as setup man, and feel that he should receive more than a modest increase. However, an early season injury and the fact that he was not on the Yankees' roster for both the Twins or the Angels playoff series and turned in a poor single game performance in the World Series might well be used favorably by his new team. This must have been an interesting hearing for the Bruney side of the table that listened to a presentation by a team he has never pitched for. Will Bruney get his number on his birthday? I will add more in the comments as usual this year.


The Washington Nationals won their hearing with Bruney.

Blogger Ed Edmonds -- 2/17/2010 12:51 PM  

The panel for the Bruney hearing was Dan Brent, Sylvia Skratek, and Steven Wolf. With the Nationals' victory, Brent now has a panel record of 12 team wins and 4 player wins. Sylvia Skratek's record is now 2 team wins, and 1 player win. Steven Wolf's record is now 5 team wins and 4 player wins. Here are the historical lists for each arbitrator:

Dan Brent

Prior to Hearing - 11 Team Wins, 4 Player Wins

Team Wins

Brian Fuentes - Rockies - 2008
John Patterson - Nationals - 2007
Josh Paul - Rays - 2006
Eric Gagne - Dodgers - 2004
Johan Santana - Twins - 2004
A.J. Burnett - Marlins - 2003
Javier Vazquez - Expos - 2003
Neifi Perez - Royals - 2002
Esteban Yan - Rays - 2002
Danny Graves - Reds - 2001
Steve Parris - Reds - 2000

Player Wins

Kyle Lohse - Twins - 2006
A.J. Pierzynski - Giants - 2004
Jack Wilson - Pirates - 2004
Terry Adams - Dodgers - 2001

Sylvia Skratek

Prior to Hearing - 1 Team Win, 1 Player Win

Team Win

Jose Valverde - Astros - 2008

Player Win

Corey Hart - Brewers - 2010

Steven Wolf

Prior to Hearing - 4 Team Wins, 4 Player Wins

Team Wins

Dioner Navarro - Rays - 2009
Felipe Lopez - Nationals - 2008
Francisco Rodriguez - Angels - 2008
Jeremy Affeldt - Royals - 2005

Player Wins

Dan Uggla - Marlins - 2009
Oliver Perez - Mets - 2008
Todd Walker - Padres - 2007
Kyle Lohse - Twins - 2006

Blogger Ed Edmonds -- 2/17/2010 4:16 PM  

The Nationals won their arbitration case against lefty reliever Sean Burnett, tweets's Bill Ladson. He'll earn $775K as opposed to $925K in his first arbitration year. By beating Burnett and Brian Bruney this week, the Nats saved $500K.

Blogger Pbenn001 -- 2/19/2010 10:02 AM  

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