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Tuesday, March 02, 2010
Some thoughts on Roger Clemens

Journalist Jon Pessah talks about the legacy and current limbo status of Roger Clemens, based in part on recent conversation Pessah had with the should-be future Hall-of-Famer. In a sidebar, Pessah gathered comments about Clemens from a range of baseball watchers, including Mike and me.


Howard - I enjoyed your comments as well as Mike's quotation about Roger Clemens. I think you are correct that it is not in Clemens' nature to apologize. He took such a strong and defiant position that few would accept his apology. I put Pete Rose in the same camp. Rose just does not truly accept that he could ever do anything wrong.

I have a theory about Joe Jackson that goes with an observation about Rose. Hasn't Jackson's banishment from baseball actually served to keep him in front of the baseball public for so many years? Does the average fan know as much about Tris Speaker, Nap Lajoie, Honus Wagner (if not for the baseball card) as they do about Jackson? Perhaps Rose can make more money selling his autograph because the controversy keeps his name before the public.

Blogger Ed Edmonds -- 3/03/2010 1:20 PM  

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