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Thursday, April 22, 2010
Congratulations to the Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law: First Issue Now Published

The first issue of the Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law was just published today. We congratulate all of the folks who worked so hard to get an official sports and entertainment law journal at Harvard Law School. They include, among many others, our blog's founder, Greg Skidmore (a 2005 graduate of Harvard Law), Boston Celtics assistant general manager and associate counsel Mike Zarren (also a 2005 graduate), Professors Paul Weiler and Peter Carfagna, and current third-year student and Journal editor-in-chief Ashwin Krishnan, who recently received the Paul Weiler Award for excellence in sports and entertainment law.

Without further adieu, here is the first issue:

JSEL Volume 1, Issue 1

Peter A. Carfagna & Paul C. Weiler

Editor’s Note
Ashwin M. Krishnan

Judicial Erosion of Protection for Defendants in Obscenity Prosecutions?: When Courts Say, Literally, Enough is Enough and When Internet Availability Does Not Mean Acceptance
Clay Calvert, Wendy Brunner, Karla Kennedy & Kara Murrhee

The NBA and the Single Entity Defense: A Better Case?
Michael A. McCann

Hardball Free Agency: The Unintended Demise of Salary Arbitration in Major League Baseball
Eldon L. Ham & Jeffrey Malach

Wiki Authorship, Social Media and the Curatorial Audience
Jon M. Garon

The Integrity of the Game: Professional Athletes and Domestic Violence
Bethany P. Withers

Case Comment
In re Dewey Ranch Hockey
Ryan Gauthier


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Anonymous Robynrihanna -- 4/23/2010 3:38 AM  

Congratulations to the folks at Harvard. This journal is a very important step for the sports law community, and we are all thankful for your efforts.

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