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Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Florida Coastal Sports Law Panel

This Friday morning, the Sports Law Society at my law school is hosting a panel titled, Exploitation of the Student-Athlete? Evaluating Bloom, Oliver, O'Bannon and Keller. While the title of the event speaks for itself, the panelists are, or have been, involved in high profile cases on behalf of amateur athletes and consist of: Rick Johnson, attorney for Andy Oliver and James Paxton; Jon King, lead attorney in the O'Bannon/Keller case; and MSU Law Professors Bob and Amy McCormick, who have written extensively on the commercialization of student-athletes and Bob served as a consultant in Maurice Clarett's lawsuit against the NFL. The panel will be moderated by Michael Huyghue, Commissioner of the United Football League, who has extensive experience as both a player agent and league front office executive. The panelists will share their expertise and practical experiences representing athletes against the NCAA and its member institutions and other commercial entities. I am also pleased to announce that each of the panelists is writing an article on the topic that will be published in this summer's edition of the Florida Coastal Law Review.