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Wednesday, October 13, 2010
New Sports Law Scholarship

Recently published scholarship includes:

Erin Abbey-Pinegar, Note, The need for a global amateurism standard: international student athlete issues and controversies, 17 INDIANA JOURNAL OF GLOBAL LEGAL STUDIES 341 (2010)

Constantine J. Avgiris, Comment, Huddle up: surveying the playing field on the single entity status of the National Football League in anticipation of American Needle v. NFL, 17 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 529 (2010)

Jillian Bluestone, Comment, La Russa's loophole: trademark infringement lawsuits and social networks, 17 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 573-604 (2010).

Erin E. Buzuvis, Sidelined: Title IX retaliation cases and women’s leadership in college athletics, 17 DUKE JOURNAL GENDER LAW & POLICY 1 (2010)

Anthony Cabot, The absence of a comprehensive federal policy toward Internet and sports wagering and a proposal for change, 17 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 271 (2010)

Antonia Cowan, You can't get there from here: IGRA needs reinvention into a relevant statute for a mature industry, 17 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 309 (2010)

Bill Cross, Note, The NCAA as publicity enemy number one, 58 UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS LAW REVIEW 1221 (2010)

andré douglas pond cummings and Seth E. Harper, Wide right: why the NCAA’s policy on the American Indian mascot issue misses the mark, 9 UNIVERSITY MARYLAND LAW JOURNAL OF RACE, RELIGION, GENDER & CLASS 135 (2009)

Ross E. Davies, The judicial and ancient game: James Wilson, John Marshall Harlan, and the beginnings of golf at the Supreme Court, 35 JOURNAL OF SUPREME COURT HISTORY 122 (2010)

Matthew Hard, Note, Caught in the net: athlete’s rights and the World Anti-Doping Agency, 19 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA INTERDISCIPLINARY LAW JOURNAL 533 (2010)

Victoria Hayes, Note, Human trafficking for sexual exploitation at world sporting events, 85 CHICAGO-KENT LAW REVIEW 1105 (2010)

Daniel Hauptman, Comment, The need for a worldwide draft to level the playing field and strike out the national origin discrimination in Major League Baseball, 30 LOYOLA L.A. ENTERTAINMENT LAW REVIEW 263 (2009-2010)

Joseph M. Kelly U.S. land-based and Internet gambling; would you bet on a rosy future?, 17 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 339 (2010)

Bennett Liebman, The Supreme Court and exclusions by racetracks, 17 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 421 (2010)

Jamie Y. Nomura, Note, Refereeing the recruiting game: applying contract law to make the intercollegiate recruitment process fair, 32 UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI`I LAW REVIEW 275 (2009)

I. Nelson Rose, Gambling and the law®: the third wave of legal gambling, 17 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 361 (2010)

Jason Richard Sheppard, Note, The thrill of victory, and the agony of the tweet: online social media, the non-copyrightability of events, and how to avoid a looming crisis by changing norms, 17 JOURNAL OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW 445 (2010)

William N. Thompson, Gambling taxes: the philosophy, the Constitution and horizontal equity, 17 VILLANOVA SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL 389 (2010)

Sarah J. Wild, Comment, On equal footing: does accommodating athletes with disabilities destroy the competitive playing field or level it?, 37 PEPPERDINE LAW REVIEW 1347 (2010)


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