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Wednesday, December 22, 2010
T-O-E-S Toes Toes Toes

Let me first confess I am an old Baltimore Colts fan (Diner era) and still hate the Jets for embarrassing us in 1969. But this is just too much to hold in.

First we saw Strength Team Coach Sal Alosi and the Gang of Four, standing toe to toe, trying to keep the Punt team’s gunner from returning to the field of play and then tripping him. Such behavior eclipsed Spygate as the worst case of sportsmanship in recent NFL history.

Now we have Toegate with the Head Coach of those same Jets supposedly starring in a series of YouTube videos demonstrating deep admiration for his wife’s extremities. What next? I know I always write about the need to judge professional athletes by their work on the field, accepting that they are as flawed as the rest of us outside the lines. But for the life of me, I never expected to see something like this. It’s not exactly unethical. In fact, I don’t know what to call it. Let’s just say it gives new meaning to what Football is all about.


Still, you have to admire his selflessness: in fact, should the Jets be fortunate enough to hoist the Lombardi trophy, Rex Ryan has asked the NFL not to receive a Super Bowl ring for himself. Instead, all he wants is a commemorative toe ring for his wife. Then, finally, he can get down and kiss a Super Bowl ring he cares about.

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