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Monday, November 21, 2011
University of Baltimore Law Professor Dionne Koller on Penn State Scandal

There have been a number of provocative and well-argued commentaries on the Penn State scandal.  University of Baltimore School of Law Professor Dionne Koller provides another one and from a vantage point that has not been raised: It's a Guy Thing at Penn State, and That's a Problem


With the holidays I am behind in my reading of the Chroncile. As a Penn State parent, I have monitored this unfolding scandal with great sorrow for a truly world-class much more than just its football team, although I readily enjoy tailgating at home games.
Within the week when the scandal broke, I made the same comments about, "if a woman had been in the leadership chain..." Thank you for expressing this so eloquently, from a position of scholarship, and in a publication that gets such wide readership.

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