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Friday, May 09, 2014
Will Jim Tressel be the NCAA's Gorbachev?

The Akron Beacon Journal is reporting that Jim Tressel, who remains subject to an NCAA sanction in connection with his tenure at Ohio State, has been named president of Youngstown State University.

The NCAA, under multiple existential threats, has always been governed largely by college presidents.  Tressel may be the first college president selected after having been involved in NCAA violations (bleg for other examples).  One can't help but speculate that Tressel could become the Gorbachev of college sports -- an insider who helps instigate the destruction of the current system.

Tressel had also been a candidate for the presidency at the University of Akron.


Tressel as YSU President was a done deal way back on the 20th of Feb. when local Congressman Tim Ryan submitted a letter to YSU trustees imploring them to name Tressel without even a search, though they did obviously go through the motions. Process was a total farce frankly. ryan's letter was signed by more then 2 dozen local businessman and political leaders.

Anonymous Dave Burkey -- 5/14/2014 8:19 PM  

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