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Saturday, January 31, 2015
The first week of Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Aaron Hernandez

I was in Fall River, Massachusetts this week to attend and report on the Aaron Hernandez trial for Sports Illustrated. Here are a few articles I wrote:


Alright, maybe I'm biased because I hate the Patriots, but I'm not really sure if I agree with the analysis regarding the prosecutors' hard road ahead, so to speak.

Any difficulties encountered during cross-examination by one witness won't necessarily translate to the rest of them. Any number of professionals are sure to be called in, and lord only knows the amount of trial time they all have under their belts previously.

I'm curious to watch it play out one way or another, but I do feel like the circumstantial evidence is going to be hard to discount despite the stumblings of one early witness.

Anonymous Glen Osborne -- 2/03/2015 5:53 PM  

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