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Sunday, January 11, 2015
The NFLRA & The NFL Playoffs

If you are unhappy with the officiating in the NFL playoffs this year blame the union—the NFL Referees Association. The NFLRA decided to use “all-star” crews, assigning the league’s highest rated officials to work playoff games. The obvious problem is that these crews haven’t worked any games together as a unit, and their ability to blend and communicate is causing problems.

The NFLRA rates officials during the year, and the highest graded individuals are selected to work the playoffs--but not with their regular season crew. How did this happen? Because this right was collectively bargained for by the union with the NFL during the 2012 labor negotiations.

For a detailed analysis of this decision, including the rules involved in the selection of officials, here’s a link to the piece in today’s Boston Globe by their fantastic NFL writer Ben Volin who follows in the footsteps of Greg Bedard and Will McDonough in this space.


I find this article pretty silly and union bashing given we are talking about the nfl here. Either the nfl agreed that having an all star systems as best or thought it was good enough. The nfl is responsible for the officiating and hasn't exactly been a pushover when it comes to union matters-players or officials. So blame the nfl as ultimately it was their call and decision on how to staff the playoffs.

Anonymous Anonymous -- 1/15/2015 9:12 AM  

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