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Saturday, February 28, 2015
Kingsford Charcoal Should Use Images of Current Athletes

The media is all over Kingsford Charcoal's decision to use Ed O'Bannon's image on its product and pay him for it.  If Kingsford, or any other company, is interested in drawing even more publicity to their product, they should use current college athletes without getting a license from them (in order to preserve the athlete's eligibility).  Then when the athletes' universities send the companies a letter stating that they don't have the right to use the image because it violates NCAA "amateurism" rules, they can either throw it in the trash or reply back to the universities: "Please inform your athlete to assert a right of publicity claim against us and we would be willing to pay the athlete to dismiss the claim."    


If you are a former NCAA Athlete who thinks their likeness or team's likeness was included in an EA Sports college Basketball or Football Game, visit to find out if you are eligible for payment from a class action settlement.

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