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Tuesday, May 12, 2015
More catalyzed fans

Sports fans are certainly being catalyzed to spend money in crowdfunding efforts. But the focus of fan spending seems to be less on player recruitment and retention, the focus of our discussion, and more on one-shot efforts to handle team crises. The latest example: New England Patriots fans started a GoFundMe campaign to pay the $ 1 million fine the NFL levied against the team over the use of under-inflated balls during last year's conference championship game. In the first 22 hours, 500 people donated just over $ 7200.

Mike, Dan Markel, and I nodded toward this form of fan funding, although we recognized the obvious moral hazard problems. Still, these efforts are increasingly common, at least on a small scale.


I'm wondering if Tom Brady's cell phone will be fair game in discovery if he appeals Goodell's decision in federal district court?

Anonymous Anonymous -- 5/15/2015 7:11 PM  

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