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Friday, October 02, 2015
Regulating Professional Sports Leagues: A Debate

Earlier this year, the Washington & Lee Law Review published my article "Regulating Professional Sports Leagues." The article advances the case for a proposition that is admittedly unlikely to be adopted anytime soon: the creation of a federal sports regulatory agency.

Fellow Sports Law Blog contributors Geoff Rapp and Marc Edelman were kind enough to take the time to write extremely thoughtful responses to my article for the Washington & Lee Law Review's online edition. Both pieces have now been published.

Geoff's piece, "Is it Time to Give Up on Antitrust Law for Pro Sports?," is available here.

Marc's piece, "In Defense of Sports Antitrust Law: A Response to Law Review Articles Calling for the Administrative Regulation of Commercial Sports," is available here.

Both responses are terrific; I hope that everyone will check them out.


same old singers, same old songs. These articles, while intrinsically interesting, are a rehashing of the various antitrust cases, just reaching a different conclusion this time around. Trouble with this kind of mates citing mates literature is that there is no real application of relevant theory from outside antitrust law - regulatory theory, a proper look at transaction costs and what they might be, etc. Throw in a couple of citations from Paul Weiler and Stephen Ross, maybe a cherry picked quote from a Fort or a Szymanski to give the impression of economic analysis, stir, chill for a few weeks then serve cold with a garnish in the form of mates replies to the initial article.

Great for the academic CV as evidence of a publishing career, but come on guys.

Anonymous Anonymous -- 1/21/2016 9:40 PM  

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