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Thursday, August 25, 2016
The Future of College Athlete Players Unions

With today marking the start of the new semester at Baruch College and my first day as a tenured, full Professor of Law, it is my great pleasure to release my newest law review article, "The Future of College Athlete Players Unions: Lessons Learned from Northwestern University and Potential Next Steps in the College Athletes Rights Movement."  The article will be published in Volume 38 of Cardozo Law Review.
Here is the abstract:
This article explores the future prospects for organizing Football Bowl Series football and Division I men’s basketball players after the National Labor Relations Board’s decision in Northwestern University.  Part I of this article provides a brief overview of U.S. labor law and introduces the unique labor dynamics of big-time college sports.  Part II explores labor organizers’ recent attempts to unionize the grant-in-aid football players on the Northwestern University college football team.  Part III describes potential strategies for unionizing alternative bargaining units of elite college athletes.  Finally, Part IV analyzes the interplay between unionizing college athletes and challenging the NCAA’s restraints on college athlete pay under Section 1 of the Sherman Act. 
And here is a link to the full article.


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