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Sunday, December 04, 2016
Question for NFL fans (especially those with officiating experience)

I am a week late to this question about the end of last week's Ravens-Bengals game. Quick reminder: The Ravens lined up to punt from their own 22, with 11 seconds left. The punter took the snap and danced around with the ball, while his teammates committed multiple, blatant holds. The punter finally step out of bounds in the back of the end zone for a safety after time expired. The officials called the holding fouls and awarded the Bengals two points on the safety, but declared the game over, invoking the rule that a half cannot be extended on an offensive hold.

Here's my question: Rule 4, ยง 8, art. 2(g), on extending a half after time expires, states "if a safety results from a foul during the last play of a half, the score counts. A safety kick is made if requested by the receives."

So why wasn't that rule invoked to give the Bengals a chance at a free kick (which, trailing by 5, they would have had to return for a touchdown to win). Why wasn't that rule applicable here?


Didn't he step out of bounds? The safety was due to the stepping out of bounds. I think if it was only because of the holding, it might have been different.

Blogger Michael Risch -- 12/04/2016 2:22 PM  

There was a penalty on the play AND a safety, but not a safety BECAUSE of the penalty...

Anonymous Anonymous -- 12/04/2016 2:30 PM  

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